Fiber Optic Network and Expansion

Fiber Optic Network and Expansion

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UDOT’s extensive fiber optic network, a nation-leading model, provides connections to roadside sensors, cameras, and signs, facilitating quick communication with the traveling public and efficient response to incidents. The fiber optic network has been developed in partnership with private telecommunications companies and reaches all corners of the state. 


For more than 20 years, access to reliable, high-speed broadband through UDOT’s fiber optic network has been critical to supporting and expanding UDOT’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). UDOT uses its roadway fiber network to connect traffic cameras, road signs, weather stations and other sensors to the UDOT Traffic Operations Center to provide instantaneous updates on traffic conditions. High-speed communication through a fiber optic network allows UDOT to quickly detect crashes, inform motorists of traffic conditions and hazards, notify first responders of incidents and facilitate incident response operations.

The UDOT fiber optic network connects ITS devices and government facilities across the state to far-reaching communities such as St. George, Blanding, Wendover and Logan. This provides opportunities for state employees in remote areas to access a secure, high-speed broadband connection.

UDOT, through its robust fiber optic network, is positioning itself as a leader in connected vehicle (CV) technology. With infrastructure to support this emerging technology, UDOT will be prepared to meet the demands and welcome CVs on Utah roadways. UDOT is also exploring the capability of the fiber network to sense traffic conditions and incidents, a technology known as Distributed Acoustic Sensing. 


Through Public Private Partnerships (PPP), UDOT has rapidly expanded Utah’s fiber optic network, resulting in one of the most robust networks in the nation. The fiber program allows local broadband providers to utilize the fiber backbone and install conduit paths in UDOT Right-of-Way to connect rural communities while expanding ITS and state agency networks. These partnerships have saved UDOT an estimated $105.8 million.

Partnering with local telecoms to provide households with high-speed broadband service allows rural communities, schools and businesses to connect to vital digital resources such as telemedicine and allows for distance learning and telecommuting.


UDOT has committed to growing and expanding a statewide fiber optic network for more than 20 years. This network consists of a combination of UDOT-owned and resource-shared fiber optic cable and conduit totaling over 3,252 miles. Of these miles, 37.3 percent are UDOT-owned, and 62.7 percent are privately owned fiber. Most roadways with high traffic volumes currently have fiber coverage, including 49% of interstates and highways.