Road Usage Charge Program

Road Usage Charge Program

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Road Usage Charge is a user fee based on the number of miles driven instead of the gallons of fuel consumed. Similar to utilities, owners pay for what they use. It is a potential replacement for the gas tax as a source for transportation funding.

Utah’s Road Usage Charge Program is voluntary for electric and hybrid vehicle owners. UDOT has contracted with a third-party company to operate the program. The Utah Legislature is working to ensure that transportation funding mechanisms are in place to meet future demands and keep Utah moving.


Owners of alternative fuel vehicles pay a flat fee during their annual vehicle registration to compensate for not paying as much fuel tax as owners of conventional vehicles. This fee helps pay for operations and maintenance of Utah’s transportation system.

As of 2020, owners of alternative fuel vehicles have an option to pay a mileage-based road usage charge in lieu of their annual alternative fuel vehicle fee. UDOT is involved in the Road Usage Charge effort in order to keep Utah moving by exploring future funding mechanisms for building and maintaining our transportation system.


If you drive less, you pay less. People who drive relatively few miles can save money by paying 1.52 cents per mile instead of paying the annual flat fee at registration. Owners will never pay more in the program, but they may pay less (view pricing).

Enrolling in Utah’s Road Usage Charge Program may give people access to DriveSync for UDOT, an app that provides information that makes driving safer and more productive through trip tracking and driving reports.