General FAQ

What are the goals of Utah TTG?
  • Encourage the adoption of connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies in Utah to help improve safety and mobility
  • Advance Utah leadership in CAV technology development through research, testing and deployment
  • Incorporate CAV elements into all applicable UDOT activities, and involve UDOT staff broadly in CAV initiatives
  • Formulate policies to steer CAV and emerging technologies toward the greatest public good
  • Leverage CAV activities in Utah to increase investment and economic development in the state
  • Establish near- and long-term investment strategies for CAV and emerging technologies within UDOT
Why has UDOT created this group?

UDOT leaders, along with key state legislators, have expressed a desire to become national leaders in the field of CAV. To meet expectations for these high-profile initiatives, UDOT created Utah TTG to lead Utah into the future of transportation innovation.

Where in Utah are these projects being deployed?

Utah TTG is a statewide initiative with deployment sites across the state and is housed within the UDOT Traffic Management Division. Visit our interactive map to learn more about specific projects and their exact locations.

What is the deployment timeline?

The Utah TTG project deployment timeline depends on several factors such as funding, project timelines, industry trends, and local and federal guidance. Each individual project has a unique timeline, and UDOT is committed to safe and effective deployments for CAV projects.

How does UDOT protect driver privacy?

UDOT is committed to supporting the deployment of CV applications in a manner that both protects consumer privacy and promotes this important technology. To help protect driver privacy, CV messages neither directly identify the driver or the vehicle (such as through vehicle identification number or state motor vehicle registration) nor contain data that is reasonable, or as a practical matter, linkable to the driver. Technical controls also have been put in place to help prevent vehicle tracking and tampering with the system, including a Security Credential Management System (SCMS).

How are these projects funded?

Funding for Utah TTG projects come from a variety of sources. Federal and state funds make up the bulk of the project budgets, but industry partners, such as Panasonic, have contributed to project funding as well.

How do I contact the project team?

The project team can be reached by email at, or by completing the web form found here.