What We’re Working On

We have built a legacy of constantly seeking ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently. Since 1997, when Utah became the first state in the nation to use the design-build project delivery approach on a transportation megaproject, partners in the public and private sectors have looked to us as leaders and collaborators. 

Our innovations go well beyond our methods of project delivery. Departments of transportation are tasked with a very diverse range of responsibilities, from traffic safety to snow plowing to 3D digital design. Our team looks for ways to do more and do better, no matter the context. Every year, we collect some of UDOT’s most interesting innovations and highlight them in our Efficiencies and Innovations Report. Every improvement we make, no matter how seemingly small, moves us toward our goal of enhancing quality of life through transportation.

Learn more about our Innovation Team and some of the exciting things happening in Utah. 

Utah Transportation Technology Group projects are categorized according to the following areas:



To have a truly responsive transportation network, Utah Transportation Technology Group is focusing on establishing a full, situational awareness system that allows us to know what is happening on our roadways in real time. Synthesizing our Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) data from a variety of sources in an adaptable way is crucial in moving toward complete situational awareness.

Additionally, we have developed one of the most robust, DOT-owned fiber optic networks in the nation. The network has been expanded greatly in the last decade to include 2,700 miles of fiber in both urban and rural areas. Our fiber network extends to some very remote corners of the state, and contributes to our connected system.


Connected Vehicle Spot Weather Impact Warning

Connected Vehicle Curve Speed Warning Systems

Utah Smart Transit Signal Priority

Snowplow Preemption Project


Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Work Zone Data Exchange Project

Automated Vehicle Readiness Study


Automated Shuttle Pilot Project