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Smart Roads Coming to Utah

Smart roads coming to Utah could, eventually, decrease traffic

Using new V2X or “vehicle to everything” technology in Utah, vehicle data that is anonymously and securely gathered is transmitted to traffic operators to notify them quickly of crashes, bad ...
Vehicles travel along canyons on a highway in Utah

Utah and Georgia Install Tech That Lets Roads Talk

Both states are experimenting with a new technology that flags congestion, black ice and spots vulnerable to potholes- and eventually would alert drivers in real-time. - Scott Calvert ...
S Curve Big Cottonwood

UDOT launches ‘vehicle-to-everything’ tech tests on some of state’s most hazardous roads

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), working with Panasonic, has deployed a network of next-generation radio pods along select Utah highway corridors that have the ability to “communicate” with emerging ...
Utah shuttle pilot project

Utah launches a pilot project for automated shuttles amidst an era of driverless travel

Utahns will soon have the ability to take a test ride in the state’s first fully autonomous vehicle as part of a pilot program featuring an fully automated shuttle. - ...
Connected vehicles in the sky

Utah Grows Connected Vehicle Network with Panasonic Partnership

Skip Descant, Government Technology, June 28, 2019High-tech highways and intersections are coming to Utah, as the state moves forward with a connected vehicle project, with improved safety as the end ...
Cabinet setup

Strong Signal – Utah breaks new ground with connected vehicles

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) completes  first fully operational vehicle-to-vehicle deployment in the U.S. Blaine Leonard, P.E., Roads & Bridges, May 2, 2018 ...
Utah smart roadways

How Utah’s smart roadways are improving safety & efficiency

Two years ago, the Executive Director of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Carlos Braceras, stood before an assembly of nearly 2,000 UDOT officials and detailed the department’s top 10 ...

Industry News

Consumer Reports

How Cars Communicate With One Another

Technology is allowing more and more vehicles to communicate with each other on the roadways. Consumer Reports’ expert explains what ...
challenges of CAV

OPINION: The challenges of CAVs and how we might begin to overcome them

Matt D’Angelo, PE gives his insight into the evolving world of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) and gives his opinion ...
night city

Speeding Toward the Future of Driverless Cars

While you might not find driverless automobiles whizzing through the streets of Chicago today, behind the scenes, several companies are ...
new technology on I-80 corridor

New technology aims to prevent crashes on I-80 corridor

Commercial vehicles in Wyoming will soon be using an innovative technology intended to help prevent crashes on the Interstate 80 ...